Monday, April 27, 2015

My WIP! Who wants my WIP! Heehee sex humor

Sooo...if anybody has been following me on my Facebook author page, I've been doing a serious amount of writing. So much that I wrote a book that I had planned on writing--say, next year! In 18 days and it's a full length novel. I was like so blasted with this idea which was inspired by--- Carrie Underwood's song 'Little Toy Guns'

 It like shot off like a bottle rocket--no synopsis, no cover--although I had this one image in y mind that fueled it, in which the models--yes actual models will be photographed!! One that I even met Don Allen -- whenever it can be taken! I'm so excited that I was able to write like a crazy wildwoman. Technically it was 15 days because I took a weekend from writing and read. As per my previous blog entries. Okay getting off topic. Well that  book, Cross My Heart will be released after extensive proofreading, editing etc. and of course I needs the cover. Lol. But I am trying to work on my HOT HOUSTON NIGHTS: Grant and Pippah parts 1-3 books 1 & 2 are done, part 1 will be released May 1st! Check out goodreads page for more info! Here's a teaser!

I love me some Grant! How 'bout y'all? 

Anyways... So I'm back to writing His Second Chance, on that was inspired by Jason Aldeans's 'Tryin to Love Me'

Let's just say, I'm on a roll. I also have the COVER!! Not revealing it until I'm ready but here's a sneak peak. No you really can't tell. But O'well!!

Here's a snippet quote too! (Beckett & Kellan- Kellan's POV)

“Kellan. I need you. I need your help.”
I nodded. Would I ever really be able to say no to this man?
“Look at me.”
I looked up into his green eyes and saw kindness with a heavy dose of raging fire. For me. I could see the want in his eyes. I’m sure there was want in my own. 

I fell in love with this photo when I saw it on iStock and I'm hoping and praying not many people or any people have this. I strive to make sure my covers are different. Bound was an unlucky photo. But still beautiful. Anyway. I've got a 60k goal-- with 28,149 word count total. My daily goal is 2k a day. Hey I got shit I have to do. I was SEVERELY surprised when I wrote Cross My Heart in like just a few weeks. Gavin & Evony (the leads in CMH) were just blocking everyone else out in my character world part of my brain! So there you have it! 

Have a great week! L8ers!!

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