Monday, September 23, 2013

a little bit about Anchor Me, Bri's and Nate's story

Hey y'all! Now that LCB is published on Amazon, and B&N, I thought i'd share a little on their story!
Nathan Camden is a Navy SEAL and is Brianne's brothers best friend (if you've read LCB, that would be Konner). SO they've known each other for most of their lives. However, Nathan is eleven years Bri's senior. (also known in LCB). He didn't think anything of her but a little sister. That all changed when he came home from a mission and went to wish her happy birthday. The young girl he knew, blossomed into a beautiful young woman of seventeen. She's still too young for the lust and love raging inside him. So he and his SEAL team take every mission possible, only returning home when absolutely necessary and Nate does his best to avoid her.
Six years later, his best friends woman is in danger and Bri's has been dragged into it. At first glimpse, he knows he can not deny his feelings anymore. 
Brianne O'Brian would love nothing but to be with Nathan. But after he shuns her as nothing but a kid sister, she moves on. After a big break-up with her boyfriend, she finds herself once more looking at Nathan with stars in her eyes. When he's called away, she promises herself to him, knowing he'll come back. One fateful night, changed her life. And not for the better. She feels lost and alone.
They both have obstacles they have to overcome.
Can they anchor each other or will they let events keep them apart?

It's OUT!

They say if you love someone, you should set them free. What if, you don't have a choice? What if you're forced apart by circumstances out of your control?

Siddaleigh Carrington is a small town girl with big dreams. Konner O'Brian is a young injured Navy SEAL. Neither are looking love. But fate had other ideas.

Just as sparks ignite, Konner is called away to duty and the pair lose contact. Sidda tries to move on... with a man who isn't as he seems.

Years pass and Sidda finds herself face to face with Konner, the man she longed for but thought she would never see again. Konner soon realizes that the woman he once knew is held hostage by a painful past that only he can help her overcome.

And once she's free, Konner is hoping that their love will come back.

(Adult romance, for mature audiences due to some violent sexual content and language, and of course romantic sexual content and language.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Excerpt Friday! Comment-share-ENJOY

UNEDITED SCENE Between Konner & Siddaleigh from Love Came Back out September 17th or sooner! 

UNEDITED SCENE between Konner & Siddaleigh in Love Came Back, out by September 17th, or sooner if possible!

Excerpt time!!! (Unedited scene with Sidda & Konner) enjoy!!

He was out of sight for a few minutes and came back in with the clothes he shed last night. Laying his clothes on my vanity chair, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a small box.

Mother of Pearl. Am I breathing? Maybe that not what I think it is.

“Siddaleigh Mare Carrington, eight years ago you came into my life. It was so unexpected. I never imagined myself at that age thinking about marriage and settling down. Just a few months with you and getting to know you. I knew then what I still know now. This is right. You are the only woman I could ever give my everything to. You’re my best hope for the future. I am gonna be better than any fairy tale and better than any dream you’ll ever have had. You make me a better man. And want to be a better man. I’ll make your every dream come true. Mo chroí, mo ghrá, m’anam. My heart. My love. My soul. I’ll never stop loving you and taking care of you.  Until my last breath on this earth until we meet again in Heaven. I’m yours. Grab a hold of me and don’t let me go.”

Wow. Now that was a proposal. Eight years late, and I can laugh at that now but this was so much more. Although I let him kneel there for a good hot minutes with the most serious face I could muster. Seeing that knowing smile of his mar his face as if he knew I was faking about thinking about it made me smile in return.

“Konner, being with you is every dream come true. You’ve been mine since the day I met you babe. So since you’re insisting. Yes, Konner Patrick O’Brian. I’ll marry you and make an honest man out of you.” I laughed out loud in bliss and happiness. “Was there ever a doubt in your mind?”

He slid the two carat miracle setting diamond ring over my finger and slipped his hands /to my hips and kneaded them. Before I knew it, he rushed his hands to the bedding, gripped and I was being dragged, quilt and all, down until my hips straddled his on the floor. His lean hips and muscular thighs clenched and rubbed my naked body in just the right way. I felt myself soften as he got harder,

“Ye’re so damn stubborn Siddaleigh. Our lives were entwined over pretty much the last decade. Time don’t change that. God must have wanted us to be together because look at us now my love. It was just a long time waiting.”

He massaged my body and since I was naked I grabbed a pillow to cover myself up. I might be getting turned on right now, but I knew we needed to discuss the fucked-up-ness that’s become my life as of late.

“Now that we established ownership of each other. Let’s talk about these threats.”

Tapping me lightly on my rear, he took me off him and I sat quietly beside him as he got up, still naked. Still hard. Seeing his member jut and bob made me flustered.

Dear Lord in Heaven that man was built like a brick wall and he is all mine.
I felt like dancing and hopping up in ecstasy.

“Dang it Konner! Who knew a naked male body would turn me on like wild fire? Put some dang clothes on already. I’m burning up over here.”

Konner stopped, turned and raised an eyebrow in speculation.

“You won’t get none of this fire right now mo ghrá, until I get fed and go over these with you. Also, if I remember correctly, I technically haven’t taken ye on a proper first date. So me,” he pointed to himself, then me, “you, are going to dinner. Dancing, because I wanna sway with ye on a nice wooden dance floor. So keep that in mind. Get all dolled up or whatever you wanna do, and I’m taking you out tonight. Since it’s still early, after talking this out with the girls, which won’t take long, I’m gonna go check on some clients for my uncle. I should be done by five. That gives you til six to be ready for me.”