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My own romance story, Love Came Back

So I have been extremely busy writing, I've written about 44000 words so far, but it's a matter of getting it on a computer and finishing it. I've been steadily writing but with 2 young ones, a full time job with hectic hours it's difficult to finish, but don't worry. I'll finish it this year. so if you like here is a snippet, it's the prologue of Love Came Back:

In the beginning


            “So do you know when you’re coming back?” I knew this would be a tough question to ask. The answer was almost too much to bare. Walking hand-in-hand with Konner on the shores of Clear Lake near his family’s neighborhood. I knew our time together was limited with his team being deployed soon. I never wanted him to leave me but he had a life as a Navy SEAL.

            “I’m not sure when I'll be back. My C.O. figured it's a quick in and out so top three to four weeks or up to 2 months. I hope to be back by October. Right after my birthday but before yers. I’m gonna miss ye Siddaleigh. So very much muirnín.” I wondered what he meant by that word and as the look of confusion marred on my face, Konner explained.

            “That’s sweetheart in Gaelic. We have only known each other for 6 months and I know without a doubt I am well on my way to being in love with ye. I’m 25 Siddaleigh, that’s an eight year age gap. Yer so young, so naïve about the world. To me, this feels so right.”

            I loved hearing the Irish accent he had. It sent tingles down my spine. His voice was deep, strong and firm. Not really melodic like some accents can be but it was beautiful. Especially when he spoke his language to me. I didn't know anything he had told me but sometimes when we went out or just relaxed at our spot on this lake, he would just talk to me in full sentences. It was a beautiful language. I researched the country and it was just as beautiful. I promised myself that I would go there the first chance I got.

“Konner this summer has flown by so quickly. I know this might sound petty and selfish but I don’t want you to leave me. Yeah, so I’m seventeen, and you might think I’m naïve and young but I know what I feel. I know what I want. I hate this tightening feeling in my chest and the ache that’s just waiting to settle when you leave me.”

            I looked away and when I looked up at the starry skies, the first day we met flashed in my mind.

            I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Stuck in a never ending line at my favorite coffee shop, I looked around and seen him reading a newspaper. His dark blonde hair had a short military cut to it and when he caught me staring at him, my face went from peach to cherry red real quick. Being caught red-handed ogling him, the hot hunk of perfect masculinity winked at me! He flashed a ‘yea I saw you’ smile.

            He made a bee-line right for me when I finally made my order. I hated coffee, but their Double Chocolate Chip Frap was to die for. Digging through my purse to find a five dollar bill, the oh-so hot rugged piece of man-flesh tossed the counter girl a ten spot. I had to look up to see his face, he was so tall, at least a foot to my 5’4”. He gave me another heated, sexy smile and asked me if I wanted to sit down with him.

            After only a few short months I knew he was the one. Excitement pulsed throughout my skin when he held me close, or when I heard his voice, so deep, accented with a deep brogue. Now that sound, somehow a little song-like voice made my nerve censors fire rapidly all over my body.

            I felt my eyes starting to water when Konner wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close.

            “Siddaleigh. I just received a notice of deployment in the early AM from my C.O-”

I gasped and if he hadn’t been holding me, I definitely would have fallen to my knees. “No! No, Konner! How? When did this happen? It’s still too soon! Were you even going to tell me?”

He steadied me in his embrace and put a hand to wipe away the tears spilling from my eyes.

“You know my injury has been checked and I’ve been given a clean bill of health to return. My team needs me love. Banphrionsa, please baby girl, don’t ye shed one tear. Every tear is a knife slicing into my heart. I didn’t expect us to be so inseparable but that’s what happened and you have to trust me, now. I should be back before your birthday. Oh, love and what a special treat I’ll have for ye. My little witch. So fiery, my pyro-princess. M’anam.”

            I tried to calm down, I knew it wasn’t the end of the world for him to go out on a mission. I knew this was his life. He told me well enough about it over the time we had together, however short.

 “Don’t cry banphrionsa. This mission will come and go so quickly. That ache ye feel now is incomparable to mine. We can keep in touch; ye can tell me all about college. I’ll keep ye posted with any information I am allowed to give. There will be times when I can’t write back as quickly but I’ll keep up just the same love. I’ll always write back and ye can take that promise to yer heart.”

            He managed to calm me with his promises and I knew in my heart that it would turn out for the best.




I did not have to second guess, to really know that I was already in love with her, despite our age difference. With all the things I’ve seen and done since joining the Navy, then becoming a Navy SEAL second commander , it’s been seven years of hard ass work and if I’ve been lucky, hard play.

Meeting Sidda in that café was so unexpected. Getting to know her, her fire and passion for her dreams, I wanted to give her all that, and so much more. I felt so complete when looking in Siddaleigh’s eyes, seeing the innocence and yet determination that stirred up a spirit so fierce. I knew she wasn’t ready to hear it but I just couldn’t stop talking. Whenever I’m with her, it was like I could talk her straight to the moon. We talked about meeting the others parents when I came back. Never thought I’d be nervous meeting a girls’ parents but somehow this, this was important. I had to get my shit together and show them I could love her and love her well for the rest of our lives.

            “Siddaleigh, I know this might sound crazy but I know yer the one. Each and every day it only gets clearer and stronger for me.”

            I had no problem waiting for her. The previous months while I was recuperating an injured shoulder, I was practically bored out of my mind until I saw her. She made a massive impact on my thoughts about life and what I really wanted out of it. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. Looking back on the day I met her was so fresh in my mind.

            I was only two months out in injured leave with at least six more to go until I get the all clear. Taking a damn round in the back shoulder was a bitch and I hated staying stagnant. Luckily for me, athair sent me on some recon for his security business.

            I was supposed to meet with an informant in twenty minutes, and it was only 0810. Thank God I was meeting her close enough to where I could get a shot of caffeine ‘cause Christ, being up all night looking over clients security systems made me irritatingly cranky.

            I was reading the sports section, damn Dynamos killed another one, and drinking a black with an extra shot of espresso when I felt eyes on me. Not seeing anything in my peripherals’, I slowly shift my newspaper down. That’s when I saw her. Fresh, looked right out of high school fresh. God, practically a baby. That didn’t stop my dick from getting semi erect. I’m a disgusting pervert looking at a girl like that. She was all curves, though. A little on the thicker side, but with an hour glass figure. Reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. Hair that hung down to the base of her spine, kinda wavy and crazy curly in spots. She looked to be a hot mess. Shorts that topped her knees, and an off the shoulder blouse in fuck me red. Of all things, she was wearing some red Chuck Taylor’s to match.

            Her tits? Stacked. Ass to die for? Check. Her face, same color as her top. Maybe not what some people call beautiful but where I’m from, my home country, women had curves and this young thing had it in troves. Beautifully classic. Subtle make-up. So I flashed her a smile to let her know I seen her staring and she quickly turned just in time to make her order.

            That was my cue. I hurried to open my wallet and as I heard the counter girl give the girl her total, I pulled out a ten and threw it on the counter. That’s when I noticed how small she actually was. At least a foot from my six foot four.

            I knew I couldn’t let her go without talking to her, my meeting long forgotten and my father would understand.

            Looking at her now, I hated seeing her so upset. With the information I’m about to tell her, she’ll be even in more distress. God why is this so hard. Saying Goodbye, even if it’s only for a short time, was feeling my chest with lead.

            So I wrapped her in my arms and steadied my eyes on hers. This girl who took my heart. My soul. She’s my everything and for all the love I have serving my country, I didn’t want to leave her. Such precious cargo in my embrace.

            “Siddaleigh. I just received a notice of deployment in the early AM from my C.O.,” with this, Sidda sobbed a refusal and an accusation of withholding the information, which made my blood simmer. If I didn’t know it was because of how much she wanted me to stay, I’d argue with her and set her straight. But I did know, and seeing her tears fall was killing me to the quick.

“You know my injury has been checked and I’ve been given a clean bill of health to return. My team needs me love. Banphrionsa, please baby girl, don’t you shed one tear. Every tear is a knife slicing into my heart. I didn’t expect us to be so inseparable but that’s what happened and you have to trust me, now. I should be back before your birthday. Oh, love and what a special treat I’ll have for ye. My little witch. So fiery, my pyro-princess. M’anam.”

            My promises seemed to calm her somewhat and I did the only thing I could do. I kissed her. I kissed her hard. I kissed her deep. Pouring my heart into this last kiss we’d share until I came back.


Games of Fire, fired me up!

Games of FireGames of Fire by Airicka Phoenix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG, I loved this book. I was up all night reading it, I could NOT put it down. Sophie and Spencer story gripped me from the very beginning. I realy don't have many words to describe how amazing this book was. It was passion-charged, suspence and I can't believe I waited to read this book. I mean I bought it when it came out, I just hadn't had time, but im so gah- Loved reading this book. Airicka does it again. Her touching series grabbed me by its hooks, and this one was just as page turning. I'm not a real big YA-NA reader, but this story was one I;m going to have to pick up in paperback too. And as anyone knows me, I only buy paperbacks now if I really really love the book. I LOVED this book. Can't wait to read more from this author.

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