Monday, September 23, 2013

a little bit about Anchor Me, Bri's and Nate's story

Hey y'all! Now that LCB is published on Amazon, and B&N, I thought i'd share a little on their story!
Nathan Camden is a Navy SEAL and is Brianne's brothers best friend (if you've read LCB, that would be Konner). SO they've known each other for most of their lives. However, Nathan is eleven years Bri's senior. (also known in LCB). He didn't think anything of her but a little sister. That all changed when he came home from a mission and went to wish her happy birthday. The young girl he knew, blossomed into a beautiful young woman of seventeen. She's still too young for the lust and love raging inside him. So he and his SEAL team take every mission possible, only returning home when absolutely necessary and Nate does his best to avoid her.
Six years later, his best friends woman is in danger and Bri's has been dragged into it. At first glimpse, he knows he can not deny his feelings anymore. 
Brianne O'Brian would love nothing but to be with Nathan. But after he shuns her as nothing but a kid sister, she moves on. After a big break-up with her boyfriend, she finds herself once more looking at Nathan with stars in her eyes. When he's called away, she promises herself to him, knowing he'll come back. One fateful night, changed her life. And not for the better. She feels lost and alone.
They both have obstacles they have to overcome.
Can they anchor each other or will they let events keep them apart?

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