Friday, February 6, 2015

My Review of Twisted by Elisabeth Naughton

Holy smokes. First off-This is my review on goodreads and Amazon. 

Nick. Niko. Nikomedes. Nick has always been my fave. Well no. Demetrius was until now. I knew them being brothers was a good thing. This book was epic. Beautifully written. The I feel like crying because that ending was so perfect. Niko is my book boyfriend and I'm keeping him and all his naughtiness. Awesome 5 star read. 
Okay. I never thought anyone could be better than D. Nick was always the runner up. Until now. Holy mother of everything I hold dear. I hadn't even realized the book was out (although I already bought the book-my memory fails me so much. Smh) I've been so completely busy writing, etc to read and only certain authors could make me stop and read their latest. Twisted did NOT disappoint. I mean. The hot scenes. The way Cynna (😍 love that name) and Nick interacted. Flawlessly beautiful. 
I mean. Need I say more about those smoking hot scenes?! If I had time-I'd review more books and become an full-time reviewer. Love reading. Niko, my hot sexy god-keep bringing the naughty. 

I think I wanna tshirt of of this cover. So I always have Niko near me. 😘

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