Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another swoon worthy Immortal Guardian novel

*****FIVE STAR READ*****
I absolutely loved reading this book. It was fast-paced, the romance beautifully written. This was even better than the first IG book. I love Marcus and Ami's character. The didn't expect to fall for each other but it did and Marcus is truly a man of old. So sweet and endearing. Ami is from a. Place that no one ever thought could exist but her life hasn't been all candy and roses. This book truly puts you at he edge of your seat. Holding you into the pages. Turning them quickly so you can see what happens next. Love love love this book. An awesome read and I've already read it a few times!!

^•~My highlights~•^
Amis compassion at Marcus's broken heart is beautiful.

Oh Marcus. Love it when the alpha male in men show up. So fucking sexy.

Some reason, this made me laugh. This book had me cracking up regularly. The camaraderie between the IG's.

Love Sarah. She so keeps Roland grounded. 

It might be hard to read but ***SWOON***

***tearing up a little bit*** Marcus is so liked men from another time. My chest swelled just like Ami's. 


Now that is truly such a beautiful ending. But by the last page you're so ready to dive into the next. 

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