Tuesday, February 10, 2015

***FIVE STARS for Darkness Dawns by Diane Duvall***

Sign. Swoon. Be ready for some steamy alpha males.
I love reading Diane Duvall. Everything she puts out is spectacular. First in her Immortal Guardians series and it did not disappoint. Here is my review. Fyi. This is a reread for me. 

I'm sure this is a rereview but I just love falling in love with Roland. The big ole softie. Great action. Great romance. Roland is old fashioned and chivalrous. Loved Sarah's character. Strong female lead. Storyline is interesting. A different kind of paranormal. Immortal Guardians is a great series.

My highlights. 

Except for this one. Who is Morpheus?

***Spoiler *** Spoiler ***

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