Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just got •°bLoWn AwAy°•

..::Holy Moly::..
5 stars!
°My GR & Ammy Review°
The turn of events has been leading to this moment. This book is by far my favorite. And what Zach was...ahem. You know. I won't spoil it but now that is some awesome stuff. The fact that he was.... I mean. What girl wouldn't swoon at his feet? Each new book gets bolder & better. I cried. I laughed. I got angry. I loved. This book was everything I could have imagined it to be & more.
That being said. I was totally blown away by Night Unbound. I mean. Literally floored. The swirl of emotions that raced within my veins was heady with desperation to swipe faster. Just to get to the next page. Zach was perfect. And he's definitely perfect for Lisette's character. Being a female IG is rare but that means in no way is she weak.

The new threat that strikes is one not even Seth can compute until he finds true evidence. And what happens to Lisette? Omgosh. Zach was a savage warrior in the midst of devastation and he turned out to be just why they need to help decimate the new super soldiers. As old as Seth, Zach learns what it means to take a new path. To deviate from others expectations. To find true happiness in their world. I do hope Seth does get an HEA too. One day.

This book held so much more than I could even imagine. I couldn't put it down. Reading well into the night. Unputdownable. *****FIVE EPIC AMAZING STARS***** or really like a million. I will have to reread this book many times. Therefore...I think buying the paperbacks are in order. If you haven't read this book or started this series, please IIMPLORE you. Do so. You will not be disappointed.

°*°My Highlights°*° and there are many. So- <SPOILERS AHEAD>
That is just the front face matter. A
taste of you will.
I really love that. Beautiful quote.
This was funny. And Zach's jealousy is endearing. Idky. But it is. 

Without even batting an eye. "Where's the shovel?" Got to love a friend like that. No ?'s asked. Although the fact he thought it was because of...what I highlighted. I mean. Omg. Hilarious. 
There again. No questions asked. Love these men. (Secretly awaits and desperately needs Ethan's story! August can't come fast enough). Lisette is funny. I must say. I love this book. 

And Bastien's response. °priceless°

Some of these vamp's earned a soft spot in my reading heart. And these IG guys have no humility sometimes. They just say exactly what they mean.
And now it gets emotional and heartbreaking.
David. The calm one in these sitch's amazes me.
And then the bomb drops.
What would happen if one of them have the IG's blood. Hmmm? I so wanna know.

I don't know why but this just made me smile. The fact he "needs" a moment. He's just so overwhelmed with desperation to save the woman he loves. 
And then Zach just goes in for a pound. Fuck the penny. It's like you can feel the raw emotion seep from the pages.

Marcus. Love that guy. 

Siblings. Let's just say if any of my siblings caught me giving my man a BJ. O_O I'd probably laugh. After the embarrassing moment passed.

Those three screenshots were together. I love how Zach, who could be as antisocial as Roland, has a heart (even when he believed he didn't possess one anymore) could profoundly melt a girls heart and he makes sure she knows exactly how he feels.

This book was epic. Just simply perfection and epic. Best in the series so far. Swoon worthy and action packed. 


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