Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Synopsis of my Debut novel, Love Came Back, a PPDS novel

They say if you love someone you should set them free. What if you don't have a choice? What if your forced apart by circumstances out of your control?

Siddaleigh is a small town girl with big dreams. Konner is a young injured Navy SEAL. Neither are looking for love. But fate had other ideas.

Just as sparks ignite Konner is called away to duty and the pair lose contact. Sidda tries to move on... with a man who isn't as he seems.

Years pass and Sidda finds herself face to face with Konner, the man she longed for but thought she would never see again. Konner soon realizes that the woman he once knew is being held hostage by a painful past that only he can help her overcome.

And once she's free, Konner is hoping that their love will come back.

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