Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hangers? Or no hangers? Cliffhangers, that is the question?

Okay, this will be a short post (Sorry, I thought it was going to be but MY BAD!), but how do y'all like cliffhangers in books? Any type of books, but I only read romance, so those are the only ones that interest me.

Anyways, do you like them? Or do you want to maim the author for leaving you in the dust, WAITING for the next installment? Especially if you have to wait almost a YEAR for the book? Those cliffies, I hate with a passion. As an author (well whatever kind of author I am) I understand this because if authors have a list of books they need to write and the order they want to get them out of.

Example, my first novel, Love Came Back, no it doesn't have a cliffhanger, but after I wrote it, I started on Anchor Me, book 2 in the series--think of it like Maya Banks KGI series or Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series, except mine is a group of women and they are good friends, etc.--well Anchor Me I started handwriting it because whenever I got to a computer? Nothing. Zip. Zero imagination. But on paper? BAM! I wrote half of it. But then Christmas came, busy time for everybody and then i had a lot of crap going on @ my main job, (I work at Chili's Bar & Grill), where the hours get crazy because i worked a lot of split shifts. Crazy. Anyway.---- Then! Bam, an idea got in my head. If you have read or started to read Bound, I mentioned that the song 'Cop Car' by Keith Urban is the basis of where I got the idea of Bound from. Every time for like a month, every single time i heard that song, I was like, man, this would be a great beginning to a novel. or something likewise. I finally said eff'it and ending up downloading the song on my iTunes, and listening to the song on REPEAT the entire time i was writing the prologue and then WAMMO! I wrote Bound in 33days. I dropped Anchor Me (AM is my shorthand name for it FYI), and I wrote Bound. I hated that I dropped AM because i LOVE NATHAN. He's a dark and damaged man. I love me some Nathan. I can't wait to get back to writing it. I have to type it. UGH. That'll be the suckie part. Anyway. Getting off topic. That was my example. I probably won't get to AM until after my current project, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (DAAGBF for abv.)

ANYWAY! I hate waiting for the next book especially if authors give you a preview of the next one and it sounds SOO DANG GOOD! Then bam- a year goes by or six months whatever and then you're like-well I've read probably about 100-200 books in that time. I KNOW! I'VE BEEN THERE! But the gist is this, cliffies suck total ass, BUT enjoy the anticipation! You can read books in between and when the next installment comes in, reread the previous. Or what I sometimes do, especially if the books are like a mini-series, with many quick installments, ask to see how many installments, how quickly will they be published and if they are close together? buy each one, or whatever and if you have a Kindle (well on my paperwhite anyway I can), you can make a collection to put different books in the collection and when you have them all? Read them all like that.

If it's a full length novel and at the end there's like a major cliffhanger and you have to wait for it? Eh. I honestly don't know what to say. I usually just say, read books in between.

Don't give out low ass ratings because it left you wondering. Sometimes it's good to anticipate the next installment. Think of it as a TV series! The leave cliffhangers and it's like WTF!?!?!? You can't do this to me! Hello, of course they can. It makes you want to wait and watch the next one!

So! Don't hate and rate low ratings on serial shorts. It is what it is.

Laters, now I am gonna try and write a bit on DAAGBF. Dax is telling me to shut up and write!

Look at him? I LOVE CHRIS PINE@! So effing HOT! love the Star Trek's he's in.
I even loved him in Princess Diaries 2!
Makes me wanna take that finger and bite it. grr...arg...CHOMP! lol

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