Monday, June 2, 2014


Hi everyone! Well, as of 7:30PM, June 1, my second book, Bound is LIVE on Amazon. Unfortunately, I am only keeping it on amazon. I do have ePub copies available though. I am so excited that I finished it and I get to share everything with y'all. I had my release party yesterday, with some awesome giveaways! Glad for everyone who made it. I think the next time though, I'll make it like a week thing so everyone who wants to enter, can enter. I didn't encounter the time zone difference! #BlondeMoment

Anyway, I am hard at work on Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. I am making it a goal to be done either by the end of this month or mid July. I'd really like to have Diamonds done and print ready by the time my VERY FIRST BOOK SIGNING (woot-woot!) in mid-August.
Lots of Authors will be there. Most of whom I do not know! I know it's gonan be a blast!
The second signing i'll be a featured author will be at Houston BookRave, November 15
Now this one will be my highlight!!!! I got TWO VIR (Very Important Reader) packages (sorry one is for myself) The second will be full of signed swag- some books- etc that I'll be giving away here on my blog! Exciting year ahead! I've been very blessed! Thank you so much for everyone who supports me and all INDIE authors! You so totally rock!
And look at my banner!
(I'm covering up one of the book covers-NOT YET REVEALED-maybe at the end of this month!)

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