Friday, January 29, 2016



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2 full length novels under 1 big book
Introductory price set at $0.99

Release: February 20, 2016
Cover art: Airicka Phoenix 
Genre: contemporary & erotic romance

Turning one night stands into happily ever afters. 

Graham and Isabella, Parts 1-3

One night. No regrets. That’s all it was supposed to be. But fate has different plans. 

Not long after their one night, both Graham and Isabella both long for more.

Fate lead them back to each other and they aren't letting go. Their passions run high and Graham wants to take it to the next level.  

Sometimes hidden pasts have a way of surprising you.

Follow Graham and Isabella on their discovery of trying to fight fate, because one night just isn’t enough.

Grant and Pippah, Parts 1-3

Pippah Walker decides to take a risk and mark off one of her quests. Having a one night stand. 

Grant Moore is fine being a bachelor. Until the one night he slept with a virgin. When morning came, she disappeared with the night.

No names were exchanged. Just red hot passion.

Grant hadn't expected to see his mystery girl ever again until he finds out she's the spoiled brat his parents ask him to watch.

Their need for each other only grows and the desire to find out what love really means rises to the fore.

But Pippah has secrets. What Grant discovers will bring him to his knees.

Some say love heals all wounds. Grant and Pippah are tested in a way that only true, enduring, promising love can overcome.


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