Tuesday, July 8, 2014

High Expectations- Low Execution

Anybody else just a little bit disappointed? I  have to say, I was. I don't ever really post my reviews on my blog. I am not a blogger like that. however! I feel totally gipped. I mean, just look at the cover. I am seriously in L.O.V.E with this cover. It's stunning. I automatically one-clicked pre-order because-hello! We get a Maddox bro fix, right? Uh. No I don't really feel that way. I seen a lot of people leave 5 star reviews, so maybe they did get what they were looking for. There's a tiny thrill at the end when they find out who TJ is. Uh. I figured that out early on. It wasn't that hard to guess. Especially the way Cami was holding on so. I gave Beautiful Oblivion a solid 4 stars. I don't really give anything less than a 3. It was a 'it's good but it could be better' type rating for me.

Don't get me wrong. I liked reading the book. There just wasn't enough comical back and for, angst between Trent and Cami for this readers enjoyment. I loved both characters, but it just wasn't in-depth enough. Trent is an awesome character, so is Cami, I mean I would have loved to have read more about her family, the issues with her dad. Because it kinda leaves you hanging on the family front.

If this is the standard for what we will expect for the Maddox bro's series, then I hope it gets better. If I wasn't going to a book signing featuring JM, I probably wouldn't have bought the paperback. the price of the eBook, eh, should be lowered I think. And I hate saying that. But that's how I feel.

I do recommend the book to JM fan's and hope they get more out of B.O than I did. :(

Laters, Baby
Stephanie N

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