Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun Fearless Female

Over the last week, I have seen/read stuffin regards to the female person. Am I a fun fearless female? No. I am by far fearless. I think I'm fun, most of the time lol. Of course I am a female. Duh. I am not as confident as I believe I should be. That's the insecurity inside me. I am a 250+ lb woman. I barely eat so idk why. lol. Should I be ashamed of my weight? I don't think so. I have made poor choices, but I am doing my best. Anyways! Okay, the three topics I've been hearing around the social grapevine is the whole 'hobby lobby' thing about (A) birth control. Then I saw these two YouTube videos about being a female, (B) loving your body and (C) #LikeAGirl the Always commercial. Which actually brought tears to my eyes. Why you say? That shit effects every female. Tall, short, chubby, thin. Whoever you are. Do I say skinny bitches sometimes? Yes. Am I jealous? No. I have a beautiful family and my husband loves every single one of my curves. Do I wanna get fatter? FUCK NO! I'm working on that shit.

But those three topics are what I wanna talk about. First all, I am against abortion. I don't believe in it. Am I anti-feminism? Hell no. I'm all about empowering the female population. Trust me, my friends know how I'm all about the girl power. IS IT YOUR BODY? Yes and no. As a female, yes it is your right to choose to get an abortion, and sorry this might start sounding harsh but I feel strongly about this. GOT ISSUES? Leave me a comment. --- Kay. The no part of my answer is because I believe that God owns me. He is my ALL. I wouldn't even exist if he didn't want me to. So that's why I say no. Yes it is your body, your choice, but ladies, you CHOSE to spread your thighs for a man. Condoms? BC Pills, IUD, the shot, whatever birth control you choose, IS NOT 100% effective!

Ladies, I'm living fucking proof. I had just had my first son...waited the allotted time before I had relations with my husband. And before that, I got a 99.9% effective IUD inside my vagina. I will tell you, IT IS NOT 100%. I was UNKNOWINGLY four months pregnant when I had a miscarriage. NO symptoms, NO weight gain...nothing. Just one day I strained to go to the bathroom, starting cramping, thought, shit I'm about to have my period, so I prepared myself, went to work. I was 15 minutes on the clock when I coughed (I was sick) pretty hard and I could have sworn I fucking peed my pants. Told my manger I had an accident, I needed to go home, but he noticed I was shaking and panicky he called an ambulance, not half an hour later, I was giving birth to a 15-16 weeks baby boy. Yeah, they could tell his sex. FYI that has been the #1 most scariest, depressing, desolate moment I have ever encountered in my (well then 25 years but) almost 30 years of my life. That's still number one. If you've never experience that, I don't know how to explain it to you. BACK to the whole birth control thing, your boy better be like triple suited up with those killing sperm-germ condoms, you wearing a diaphragm, and taking birth control to be lucky. If you're single and with a boyfriend you're not sure you're gonna be with for the long haul or you don't think be great daddy potential, I suggest you keep them legs closed. You want 100% of not getting preggo, buy a fucking vibrator. Don't know how, look me up on facebook. Trust me, I know great websites you can go to.

Hobby Lobby choosing what they did, well that organization is pro-creation. They don't believe in the morning after pill or getting an abortion. That should have no problem for people who shop there. If you're an employee, you know where you work. It's not something you should say 'they don't support the 'it's my body, my rules' belief then i'll take my business elsewhere' type statement. It's their belief. It's news because they won. But then, what the fuck do I know. I'm Christian, I'm pro-creation, this bitch (me) knew what I was doing when I forwent all that shit with my man, I got pregnant. Was I scared? FUCK IN A, I was scared. I wasn't married to him, my previous marriage that had lasted a year and a half and NOT ONCE used condoms, never got pregnant. GOD has a plan for each of us. If he gives you a baby, your choice, is between you and Him. You gotta live with that choice, but I know some women who have had an actual abortion, and some have no idea how to forgive themselves. There's something missing. My own was a spontaneous abortion because the chemicals or hormones in the IUD killed my baby. Stuff happens. Would I continue shopping at HL? Uh, yeah. I love Hobby Lobby. They are the bomb. I love their merchandise. That's why I go there and buy, not because theirs beliefs.----------okay!

On to the funner stuff.
The (B) & (C)
If you haven't watched these videos, I ENCOURAGE you SO MUCH to. They are powerful, moving and (B) All about That Bass, love it. It's about loving the body you're given. Hey you choose to lose weight? That's awesome. But be a healthy weight. If you're a size 2 or 12 or like me 18, and that's just how your body is? ROCK THAT BODY LIKE NOBODY BIDNESS! Losing weight, keeping it off, it's a lifestyle. (I said I was working on it lol) But you should love your body. Not down it because you think you're overweight. My size goal is 14. That's an awesome fucking body shape. Tits, ass and nice flat (with fleshy softness) tummy, I think that's sexy. Whatever your body type it, love it, you wanna change it? Do it for the better! Not because of what the fucking world expects. UH HELLO! Average size is WHAT!? 14 Peeps! So rock your body at any size! If you're overweight, and NEED to lose weight to stay healthy? Well, it's hard (I should know, I SAID I'M WORKING ON IT DIDN'T I? :)* ) but that is something like life and death. You wanna live, lose weight, don't wanna have high blood pressure or diabetes, lose weight. Well, this bitch (me) will EVENTUALLY lose weight, but I'll stay at a size 14. I like my man being able to enjoy this body. :)

(C) the #LikeAGirl commercial. Yes. It totally brought tears to my eyes because the first part of it, is so true. I mean what do YOU think 'throwing like a girl' 'fighting like a girl' 'running like a girl' means? Something wimpy, puny or female? Well, bitches, I'm here to tell you, you're female. OWN THAT SHIT! There is nothing, wimpy, puny, pathetic, unworthy, useless, INFERIOR, about being female. Hello, God made man, but he wasn't satisfied with just a male, so he took a part of man and made a female. Yeah, periods totally suck ass sometimes, (Ugh...totally) but we also give life. Let me see a MAN give birth. They can't handle it. I can't remember the YouTube video of these two fathers going through an actual 'contraction' sequence but at the end-they were whimpering like sad puppies. As females, we have power, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Could shit getting embarrassing as a female, yes, but God made us and if he didn't want us, he'd would've stuck with just man. This is not to bash the male population either because, well we need males just as much. Can't have one without the other.

My point is this...male-female-chubby-tall-short-thin, BE YOU! Be the best YOU! There is only ONE you. Don't let anyone tear you down because you're different (like me), weird (like me, ask my co-workers, they think I'm cray-cray lol), black, white, Mexican, whatever. There is only one person you need to please. God. And if you're married, your husband. Murder is a sin. ; ) JK I love my husband, he deserves so much and God gave him me. He should be so lucky!

God bless, and #HOLLA ladies. TALK TO ME!

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