Monday, February 10, 2014

The Ranting Ravings of a 'Reader, Reviewer & Author' (RRA)

FYI SOME SERIOUS CUSSAGE (swearwords), SOME SERIOUS OPINIONS, BEWARE for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+, so needlessly to say, if I hurt your feelings, I am sorry but this has totally been stewing for a LOOONG TIME!
 Also, it's kinda long, so have some time... but to those who read it, I think it'll be worth it!
Okay, I am totally going to get my opinion out there. I am a reader, do my best to be a reviewer when I read books, and I am a new author. This is also for the other RRA’s out there, or RR’s if you’re not an author. I would like to say I am a reader first, reviewer (when I read from my kindle), and author last. I’ll address these as following.


A.      Reader: I have been reading romance for the past 8 solid years. I’ve only learned about reviewing maybe for 2 years. I just read for the love of reading HEA’s. Okay. I started with Harlequin Romance, moved on to Blaze, then you know how sometimes in the middle of these books or at the end there is a ‘GET 2 FREE BOOKS’ or whatever. Okay I did that because well hey who would turn down 2 FREE books right? Not this girl. Lol. One of the books was ‘Testing Miss Toogood’ by Stella Cameron (I remember because I still have it and I LOVE IT, and the other was a funny contemp (sorry can’t remember), so I got into Historical Regency, the Scottish, never really cared for Western Romance, (IDK Y I live I TX lol) And let me tell you my reading went HAYWIRE, I was buying paperbacks left and right. I was a single Assistant Manager living with my parents so I was banking and rolling in $$$. I bought Blaze, Silhouette Romance, SE, Intrigue, EVERY MONTH, (Hey I had to complete the series, you know they drag that shit out. Go to Owned Paperbacks to see my book collection.

Okay I am getting to the point now. When I was just reading for fun. I made sure I looked at the back cover story BEFORE I bought it. If it didn’t sound interesting I didn’t buy it. Back then I didn’t have any friends who read like I do so I couldn’t ever get recommendations and when Amazon recommended it I most likely got them or I got them from thrift stores that posted on Ammy (you know the shops that sell it for $0.01 w/ a $3.99 S & H… totally this girl until I learned the value or royalties, hey I didn’t know any better and hey back then it was can I spend 40$ on 5 new books, or can I get 10 for the same price… yada yada that jazz)

And when I got my kindle, I had to rebuy all the PB’s I had, because I want easy access! (HAHA Easy access… get it? Lol I’m talking about romance, love, and writing easy access…yeah never mind, I’m weird) And what books/series these authors I’ve read I’ve ventured out. I.E Lora Leigh has her Nauti series, I had those in PB, okay, I didn’t know much when I got the kindle, but at the end where it says ‘did you like this book? Review/share…’ then it gave you ‘other books by Lora Leigh’ and it showed her BREED series (kinda sorta a shifter series –wolf-coyote-lion-Bengal-etc., except they didn’t shift, it was DNA… yeah anyway) so I bought the first in the series and BAM I was hooked. Now there’s like 27 books, and I’ll continue this series even as I’ve read some of her One-star reviews saying it’s the same as before just different characters. (FYI I WAS LIVID @ reading this… y’all have no idea. I was like WTF! You didn’t just say BS. WHERE’S MY CAST IRON SKILLET- I’s NEED TO SMACK a BITCH! I was offended. As a big fan and reader I was very upset. The story line is really good and you want to know these characters because they are unique and have their own story to tell within the BIG PICTURE of the series. Its different characters in each book but the BIG PICTURE… it’s too much to say... needless I was pissed… ok carrying on.)

When I learned about reviews and how to post them etc. I started reading the reviews, but that never really swayed me whether to buy the book or not because there could be 10 bad ones and 5 good ones and it’s like a gamble. I don’t care about reviews, it the story sounds good, I’m gonna get it and read it. Then I look at the cover, hey covers aren’t ALL THAT, if you read historicals, uh hello they used the same guy in like EVERY book. SauvĂ© dark brown hair good looking blah blah blah. Hence, don’t just a book by the cover. So I read for the enjoyment of romance, no offense author friends, but every romance moral is the same, GUY, GIRL, shit they gotta get through to get to their HEA. Whether it be series, stand alones etc. It’s each author’s imagination on how they get their characters to that HEA, I hate cliff hangers but only if I have to wait months ugh.

But hey I love anticipation and love it when I’m waiting months and I’m reading 100’s of books in between then all of a sudden I’m looking up an Ammy, and it’s like WHAT! THIS SHIT’s BEEN OUT FOR A FEW WEEKS ALREADY WTF!!!! ONE CLICK THIS BITCH NOW!!! Lol I have to say I’ve spent roughly $10,000 in 8 years buying PB’s and eBooks. (Looks off to the side hopefully family and hubby never sees this lol uh, FYI I was single when I bought most PB’s and I didn’t give a shit when I was with my ex, LO-WHO-SA-HER!))

And prices…. If you bought paperbacks before all this eBook phenomenon, you know they aren’t cheap. Those serial Blaze, Harlequin Silhouette, are like $3.99+, the normal 6x4’s are $7.99 and your 9x6’s or 8x5’s are most likely $10-15, not including tax. I never base a book on price. If it’s eBook, if it’s $0.99, I’m like WHOA! BOUGHT, and if I read it, and I love it (which I normally do), it’s like damn, these books are so worth the price of whatever Pb format that use.  Although I think big name pub’s put their eBook for $.6.99-7.99 if they are normally $15 but what I don’t get is how reader’s won’t buy the kindle/nook book if it’s not cheap, like $.99-$1.99 or whatever. Does it really matter the price? Or am I the only ‘TRUE ROMANCE READER‘(‘TRR’) out there? That just boggles my mind. Besides, I’ve read books that these author, normally INDIE authors, that sell their books for $0.99-3.99 and I am telling you, they ought to be selling for a regular price PB of $6.99-7.99.

Anyways, when did buying books, whether they be PB or eBook become a hater’s world? Since becoming an author myself, I have made a lot of author friends, and I admit, I would go read their reviews, even their one-star’s and I have to say, the women, or girls or if you a guy …O_O who leave a bad review, honestly, if you’re gonna talk shit, go to the toilet and flush that shit. Don’t slam an author because you think, OMG, they are writing the same thing everyone else is writing. Well no, they aren’t. They have a different back ground, different mindset to each book/series. I actually read one recently that said quote “new girl meets hot boy. Or new boy meets hot girl, ‘of course the girl doesn’t think she’s pretty, she’s too insecure… INSTANT LOVE, Adventure to defeat bad guy….okay adventures over, let’s make out and spend the rest of our boring lives in each other’s arms… you thought it was over? HAHA UNTIL NEXT TIME…. If authors want to use this pattern, whatever go ahead. I dare, but at least create an ORIGINAL storyline…” I’ll stop there because this bitch was seriously pissing me the fuck off. No I won’t mention what book or author.

When did writing this hater shit become the base of a romance reader’s life? I am what you call a “TRR”. I will honestly give a book a shot if I read the back and it sounds good/interesting. I love to read romance. All types. HEA is a must. MC, Paranormal, Contemp, Suspense, like I said, GUY, GIRL, DEAL WITH THEIR SHIT, HEA, THIS CHICK IS SOLD and I’m one clicking. And if I am in serious L- O- V- E, I buy the PB. That simple. I am a happily married women with two beautiful kids and my reading gives me an escape to a world of intrigue mystery… it’s like watching movies… Most of the time, when I read, the book comes alive and plays a video in my head. I read more adult books (Historical and Contemp). I.E. Maya Banks, Lauren Dane, Lora Leigh, Cindy Gerard, Candace Camp, Lisa Kleypas (LOVE), Jaci Burton, Rebecca Zanetti, Victoria Alexander. Trust me, I can go on… check out my (INSERT BOOK COLLECTION PG). This is where I get in the reviewing portion.


B.      I didn’t start actually reviewing books, until about 1 1/2maybe two years ago. I’ve only had a kindle that long, that’s when I really started. But not as a serial reviewer. Sorry, this bitch has a full time job, part time job, two tots and a hubby I gotta take care of. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Most of the time. Okay. I will say if I don’t like a book, or actually if I don’t get into a book, I will either put it away or put under a certain ‘kindle collection: EH, Read L8er) FYI, I couldn’t get into it, I’m moving on, if I have NOTHING to read (HA I have over 200 TBR’s, I always have something) Or if I want to get in the right mood, I.E. If I read a whole bunch of erotic, skipping into a YA takes some time for me to adjust so I’ll read a book or two that I’ve read before getting into that mindset, same as NA, I am not a big fan of YA or NA, I only read a select few, doesn’t mean I won’t try new authors, but I have to get into that mind frame. Anyway, if I still can’t get into it, I will just rate it a 3-star and just leave it at that. I don’t bother to review the book, because just because I didn’t care for it or didn’t particularly like it, doesn’t mean the next chick/girl/woman won’t. That and if I’m not gonna finish the book, I won’t review it anyways. It wouldn’t be fair or right to the author or reader because I didn’t finish it.

IDK if my rating is included in the rating of books, but I never leave a less than 3 star, and that’s most likely because I didn’t finish the book. I don’t read what isn’t interesting to me. I know my own personal reading tastes and I might venture out every once in a while, (Gotta have more than one type of cupcake!) but I stick to what I love to read. Even well-known published authors, I’ve read some that have not really gripped me recently, their newer books just are not getting my attention. But I do buy them because I might get in a slump, need something to read, and you know their books whether they are eBook or not, it’s the same as PB, $7.99+, I support them and INDIE authors. I do my best to leave an honest review. And it doesn’t have to be an author I’ve friended or talked to, so I want to leave 5-stars, no I won’t do leave an untrue review.

Like I said before, I am a READER first and foremost. I can be a FANGIRL, and I swear when I meet some of these author’s I’ve friended or even not friended but LOVE their books- I WILL GO APE SHIT FANGIRL I WANNA FOLLOW YOU HOME AND STALK YOU type reader. I am not gonna write shit or hate on them because I don’t necessarily like their book/series. THIS IS A 0 TOLERANCE BULLY READ/REVIEW girl and like I said before, I get pissed when I read some of these reviews. And like the old saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up, keep your pie hole zipped and carry the fuck on.” Yeah I totally modernized that SHIZNIT! Lol. Is it that hard for you reviewers? If you don’t like a book, you have to get on GR, Ammy, B&N, wherever you post your reviews and honestly shit on these authors’ babies. Because that’s what they are to them. They’ve taken their time and have a vast imagination that they want to share with you. If you don’t like it, put it in your NEVER READ AGAIN collection and move on. You might not like it but maybe your daughter or mother might. If there’s share compatibility, do it. Don’t return the book. Honestly? Don’t buy it, review it same day (whether you like it or not) and return it for what? You’re fucking $1.24 back? INSERT EYE ROLL HERE. These authors, whether they are well-known big publishers names on their cover or INDIE, most of them, this is their career, it’s what they do, it’s their job like my job is an EXPO at chili’s. BE KIND! BE THOUGHTFUL. Don’t leave a hateful review. As I said before, if you read romance like I read romance, GUY, GIRL, OBSTACLES, HEA. Everytime. Everybook. NA, YA, PRN, Erotica, Suspense, Contemp, Historical, whatever other types there are.

I never base buying on reviews. For the first 6 years of reading, I was absolutely clueless about reviews, and honestly I don’t care. I buy books for me. If I read it on my kindle, and whether or not I leave a review, if I like it, I share/recommend it. If whoever sees it, says ‘ooohhh…new book, lemme read the background on it... if I like, I buy. Etc.) I don’t like reading bad reviews or posting bad reviews. Remember that 0 TOLERANCE BULLY READ/REVIEW thing from before. Yeah remember that. I really feel like I should comment on some of them and HATE right the FUCK back. But then I don’t want my ammy prime to be rescinded or whatever… hey I buy WAAAAY too many books for one bitch to fuck it up.

I’ll get brave one day. Lol

So TO THE HATIN’-SHIT-TALKING-NO-TRUE-BLUE- TRR’s out there, watch that bad mouthing. Ain’t yo momma taught you some fucking manners?

C.      Okay. This is about being an author. Like I said before, I am a reader first and always. I have been an author for only a short amount of time. And for me, honestly, for those who have read my book and love it, I appreciate the support. If you don’t like it, I am sorry that it wasn’t to your liking but don’t hate on me because of it. Unlike most INDIE authors out there, I have a full time job at Chili’s and writing is a pleasure of mine. I write what I read, and I read what I write. GUY, GIRL, SHIT they gotta through, HEA. It’s a romance. You want to leave a bad review? Go ahead, what you think doesn’t matter because there are tons others that love it and one bad review or other reviews that aren’t buying inspiring isn’t going to make me cry, maybe a little upset, because you didn’t like it, I understand if you can’t get into it or if it’s not really your type of book. I am an INDIE author, and I have much to learn. I have INDIE author friends who have helped me out tremendously and are great mentors, so I hope to be better with each new book. I write ADULT contemporary romance. I.E. (Think, Maya, Lauren, or Lora... that’s the type I write, or inspire to write). I would love everyone to enjoy the books I write because I love writing. I haven’t gotten horrible reviews (I don’t have that many lol but), or at least I don’t think they are horrible and they have been promising. I am not good at marketing or promoting, I am clueless. So I understand coming from a reader’s mind that my book isn’t what they are looking for. I am sorry. I try to write to inspire and make people aware. My books are of full figured women too. Like Love Came Back, is based on a young woman who has dealt with domestic abuse and to get to her HEA she has to overcome and beat her past into submission. My next one, Anchor Me, is about a heroine who gets violently raped, and the hero gets captured (Navy SEAL) and they both have PTSD or that’s the ‘thing’ they have to overcome. I want to bring awareness to REAL life issues. Human trafficking, adoption, kidnapping, single parenthood, etc. I’m not going to get hurt by bad reviews… yes, I would love to just write as a career, but I can’t afford to, yet. OR I could, but struggling is a no-go, and this chick has BOOKS to buy. Feel me? Lol




So, yeah. That’s my post. I have been thinking about this stuff for a while and I finally made it a point to get it out. If you don’t like what I post, stop following me, UNFRIEND me on Facebook, if you think I’m gonna cry in my bedroom like a pussy, you thought wrong. I have thick ass skin. If you see my pic, and think I’m too ugly and fat to be writing and I should stop (I.E. An author friend had posted a tweet that said something to that effect… can’t remember the author friend, sorry), you know what I say to that, MAN THE FUCK UP AND SUCK MY LADY BALLS, because all that negativity, hating, bad vibes and karma shit, just ain’t gonna fly and I don’t want or need it. (FYI, KARMA IS A BITCH PEEPS) I write for those who love a good, sexy, steamy romance and enjoy the HEA.


GUY, GIRL, SHIT TO DEAL, HEA…. EVERY BOOK, EVERY TIME, EVERY GENRE….. As long as there is a HEA, what can go wrong?


  1. Dude I think I laughed every time you swore! It is fitting with what you are talking about. I write really long reviews and I do it for myself not for anyone else. I don't bully authors but there is no way in hell I won't say what I don't like. I never try to talk down on an author because I don't like their book and it doesn't mean I won't read the rest of their work either. I write reviews on all my reviews because when I don't people ask me including the authors "Why did this get a blah blah star?" or "What did you like and what didn't you?"
    I do it for myself only I am a reader and reviewer but I review to get my opinion out and let them know how I feel and I will not bag on an author or talk nonsense.

  2. I understand that. :) I just had to get that out there. I understand about stating what you do or do not like. It's about how you go about writing it. I just reread this and I see the mistakes... Ugh I was typing so fast i was getting into it lol

  3. You wrote a wonderful commentary! And yes, I laughed my ass off. I agree with a lot of what you said, and some of it made me laugh until tears were flowing down my face. Way cool. I do hate those reviewers who are nasty because their nasty lives are so screwed up that they lash out at authors so that those poor authors can be as miserable as they are.

    Be that as it may, I also agree with Cassie. I normally write long reviews, and I don't want to “bully” authors, but I will definitely say what I think about books. One thing that drive me nuts? Carelessness on the part of the author. If you go to all the trouble to write from the heart, to put yourself out there and open yourself up to the world - - - why won't you take the time and effort to get beta readers to point out all the stupid errors you leave in books? Why subject yourself to that? Bad grammar, incorrect word usage, words in the wrong place in sentences, and just plain stupid spelling errors. It is completely unacceptable to be so sloppy.

    Don't get me wrong, I love that we have access to Indie authors. Even a few years ago we would have never had access to some incredible authors as the BIG PUBLISHING HOUSES (wankers) would never take a chance on someone new when their stable was churning out book after book - many of them nowhere near as good as some of the new, Indie authors that I have been privileged to read and review. The thing that touches my heart, more than anything? When an Indie author writes me after reading one of my reviews and says, "You understood! You Really, Really understood what I was saying!" Brings tears to my eyes every time.

    When I see “Haters” I go out of my way to send an “inappropriate” to Amazon. Sometimes they will take the review away, sometimes they won’t. I also admit to writing snarky/bitchy commentary to the bitches/bastards that write stupid shit reviews (though most can’t really be called reviews, of course). If I am going to write a bad review, I am going to tell you EXACTLY why I am doing so, and you won’t have any questions when I am done. Do I care if you agree with me? Not usually. It is my own opinion, and I am entitled to my opinion as long as it is well reasoned, correct? And yes, I have actually added a star after a long discussion with an author about his book, and WHY he wrote in the manner he did. I owed him that, based upon our discussions. I still didn’t really care for the book, for very specific reasons, but he made sense within his personal world building though I still didn’t quite get it/agree. He was persuasive ;-)

    Oh, and LOVE your comment: “… it’s like watching movies… Most of the time, when I read, the book comes alive and plays a video in my head.” EXACTLY what I want when I am reading!