Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The EPIC Walk of Shame Series

The EPIC Walk of Shame Boys...dirty, sexy boys

First of all! These COVERS are like WHOA! The dirty, dirty boys of WoS have made it to the Garzas home and into my bookshelves and I couldn't say there's a better place for them on my shelves. I don't read much nowadays because of my own hectic writing schedule but it only took me a day to read all three books. About two hours each book? Yeah. They're short, sweet, sexy, and maja-hotness filled reads that will leave you turning your fan on to cool ya. I got the full series in both kindle copy and paperback along with Slade, Hemy, & Cale

Full Series Review (waiting for e-mail link)

I will admit, at first I didn't think I was going to get time to read them. But I had to have them because of the covers alone. I mean--HELLO!! Scroll back up for a second and look at them. ;) But I felt lazy yesterday and was like they're short books, let me read em. And holy hell! I mean, really? Dirty, sexy, inked and alpha? Sigh. Every romance readers wet dream right there. I first read Victoria Ashley's Royal Savage and it got me hooked on this Nnew York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author!

It might make me sound bad but it's so hard for me to try authors I've never read before. Even if their covers are badass & major sexy. I say this because I've tried "bestselling authors with gorgeous covers" and the books turn into duds. IMO the cover deserves a better story. ANYWAY! This is about the WoS boys. 

And I say--PICK UP THIS SERIES if you haven't. I went a little backwards, buying the paperbacks first when normally I don't buy the paperbacks unless I looooooove the eBook. Well, I was not disappointed. Was worth every dollar. I encourage readers to get the full series eBook if you want to try out this author or if you're hesitant about getting just Slade...unless you get the paperbacks then I urge you to get THEM ALL! Hahahah. Just liek me. I'm such a shameless cover hussy! If I didn't think I'd get the covers ruined I'd lick them ;D

Great series. Was fun, fast, & furiously sexy and dirty and I could not wait to read Stone; Book 1 in the WoS 2nd Generation! Cover below! AND IT'S HOT! ;)

Until later! 

Xoxo Stephanie

AND TONIGHT?? My night is filled with the sexy, dirty Stone! Can't wait to see him and Sage's story unfold! ;)

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