SNIPPET FROM Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (Coming Fall 2014)



“Four. Do not ever drive like that again. That scared the fucking life out of me. You could have gotten hurt. Pulled over. Hurt.”

For now, I really didn’t feel like arguing with him, so I said, “Yes. Okay. Sorry. I didn’t think-

“That’s right. You didn’t think.”

“Hey. Here’s number one for you. Don’t treat me like that. Don’t talk to me like that. Understand?”

He sighed heavily and bowed his head. Looked as if he was taking deep breathes. “Understood. Please, don’t drive like that.”

“Alright Dax.”

“Okay.” He seemed to be shaking whatever was haunting him and he shifted his head back up, smiling at me. It was a really nice smile. Swoon-worthy. “So. I need your number.”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. “You need my number?”

“That’s what friends do. Exchange numbers. Or would you rather me give you mine. That’s fine. Here, gimme your phone.”

I liked his take charge attitude. Most of the time. Throughout the night, it sometimes got irritating but I didn’t really mind it. I took out my iPhone and swiped it open, plugging in my password before clicking the contacts.

I gave it to him and after a few moments, I hear Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” ringtone.

“Fitting huh?”

“Ha. I’ll change it.” He seemed embarrassed that he had that as his ringtone. So I did something so he didn’t have to worry about.

“Hey, you’re a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good, I’m on top of it. When I dream, I’m doing you all night. Scratches all down my back to keep me right on.” My voice was good, (no modesty, just truth) and I did a little shimmy, so I could make him get over his embarrassment.

His face went from mortification to fascination.

“Whoa. My dick is so fucking hard right now.”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing hard and not a minute later a snort came out.

That made him laugh right with me.

“Shut up. You shouldn’t say stuff like that.”

“Five. Don’t say the word ‘fuck’ in front of me. That was so damn hot. Do you like Buckcherry and hard rock?”

“Not necessarily, but I had a phase in high school. I know all the words to that song. Want me to sing it for you?”

“No, please.” He was folding over with laughter. “I wouldn’t survive you singing that song. Please. You saying ‘fuck’ is going to kill me.”

Laughing, I brushed my hair behind my ears, then said, “Maybe that’s my master plan.”

“Nah. You couldn’t hurt a fly.”’

I rolled my eyes, “Whatever Dax.”

“Broke number three Pixie.”

I shook my head with mirth. “What are you gonna do about it? Huh, Declan?”

“This.” He bent down, reached over and hefted me over his shoulder.

“Hey!” Laughing and thinking this was the strangest but best night I’ve had in a while. “Put me down, you caveman!”

“Me-man. You-woman. Roll-eyes. Get-spanked.”

“Get what?” That he smacked my behind. Hard but what I felt wasn’t pain. It stung only a little but I felt something stirring low in my belly. “You’re crazy!”


Then he did it again.

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